Thursday, January 29, 2009

You wouldn't believe the difference it makes when you take one disruptive student out of the classroom. My class was like night and day. It was a true blessing for everyone to be on task and quiet. I'm really lucky that my students are allowed to listen to music while they work!! So I have to stay after school right, I am a little confused about my importance at this orientation b/c it sounds like all I am doing is being called out so the parents know who I am. Which is great but I wish I could have a booth so the parents could come by and talk to me. That's enough of that. Well I have to go. Later!
I am so tired and it is only 9:15. That is sad. I had the 8th grade walk-thru today and I get so nervous talking in front of people that I have not taught. I can talk to my students fine but others, well I just worry that I am going to leave something out and they wont want to take my class. Today students from other classes are coming to my classroom to work on the computers. I can't say no or I will be rude and it is in the class where I only have 7 students but still, it is my classroom and I feel that they are going to think they can always use it. Anyway, that's enough for now. It's just going to be a really long day. I dressed in my suit for tonight's 8th grade orientation (so I will be here until after 7:00) and nice shoes and my feet are killing me. I am going to put on my flip flops the first chance I get!! I have a PLU meeting at 10:00 so there goes half of my break, oh wait, I thought I was finished complaining, I guess not. Well I have to go explain to my accounting students how to calculate the beginning capital b/c they don't get it. I can't blame them, I had a hard time getting it myself when I was in high school. It is a very challenging class so I try to give them a break every so often. Well got to go!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What to do?

So it is definitely cold/flu season. I have had so many students out today. A total of 17 out of 100. My 7th had 8 absent and 12 here. I ended up letting them catch up on their notebook. AKA listen to music and explore the many different games on-line. I don't feel to bad about this because they always work hard for me and they are still using Technology. Today seems like it has been so gloomy. I can't wait to get home and get into my comfy clothes. I think I will be taking projects home to grade. But it sure beats sitting in my classroom!! Well that's it for today. I weird b/c I like Thurs. since it is one more day closer to Friday!! I will blog soon!! I'm out!

So here it goes!

This is my first blog ever. I decided that this would be a great way to talk about things that are going on in my life without sounding like I am always complaining. One of my new years resolutions is to be a more positive person. So here it goes! I am a high school teacher in Social Circle. I love my job!! It can be hard and challenging at times but I still enjoy what I do. It is even better on pay days. See, I went from working over 50 hours a week and making less that 250-275 to making, lets just say a lot more. So I am truly blessed for the job I have! I do drive an hour one way but it is worth it because I work with some amazing people. They are not only my co-workers, but my friends too. So that's just a little about myself. I will blog again soon!
Jen Jen